Top React Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Hello students, In this article we have provided a set of 10 Top React Interview Questions and Answers 2022 for Freshers as well as for the experienced one’s Who wants to bag a lucrative Job in this field. With this React Interview Questions and Answers one can get the idea of the most commonly asked Questions In an Interview.

This set of React Interview Questions for Freshers  is recommended for both beginners and professionals. As there is rise in demand for React Js Developer Jobs, this Interview Questions on React will help you to answer confidently in such job interviews. React Interview Questions Pdf is provided below, feel free to download and learn.

Top React Interview Questions and Answers 2022

1) What is React?

Answer: React is a declarative, efficient, flexible open source front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2011. It follows the component-based approach for building reusable UI components, especially for single page applications. It is used for developing interactive view layer of web and mobile apps

2) What are the features of React?

Answer: React framework is gaining quick popularity as the best framework among web developers. Some of  the features of React are:
One-way Data Binding
Virtual DOM

3) What is a State in React?

Answer: The State is an updatable structure which holds the data and information about the component. It may be changed over the lifetime of the component in response to user action or system event.

4) Explain the Lists in React.

Answer: Lists are used to display data in an ordered format. In React, Lists can be created in a similar way as we create it in JavaScript. We can traverse the elements of the list using the map() function.

5) What are Pure Components?

Answer: Pure components introduced in React 15.3 version. The React.Component and React.PureComponent differ in the shouldComponentUpdate() React lifecycle method. This method decides the re-rendering of the component by returning a boolean value (true or false). 

6) Is it possible for a web browser to read JSX directly?

Web browsers can’t read JSX directly. This is because the web browsers are built to read the regular JS objects only, and JSX is not a regular JavaScript object.
If you want a web browser to read a JSX file, you must transform the files into a regular JavaScript object. For this purpose, Babel is used.

7) What do you understand by refs in React?

Answer: Refs is the shorthand used for references in React. It is an attribute which helps to store a reference to particular DOM nodes or React elements. It provides a way to access React DOM nodes or React elements and how to interact with it. It is used when we want to change the value of a child component, without making the use of props.

8) What is Redux?

Answer: Redux is an open-source JavaScript library used to manage application state. React uses Redux for building the user interface. The Redux application is easy to test and can run in different environments showing consistent behavior.

9) Explain the role of Reducer.

Answer: Reducers read the payloads from the actions and then update the Store via the State accordingly. It is a pure function which returns a new state from the initial State. It returns the previous State as it is if no work needs to be done.

10) Why are fragments better than container divs?

Answer: Fragments are faster and consume less memory because it did not create an extra DOM node.
Some CSS styling like CSS Grid and Flexbox have a special parent-child relationship and add <div> tags in the middle, which makes it hard to keep the desired layout.
The DOM Inspector is less cluttered.

React Interview Questions and Answers

React Interview Questions Pdf (Download)

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