Top Devops Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Hello students, In this article we have provided a set of 10 Top Devops Interview Questions and Answers 2022 for Freshers as well as for the experienced one’s Who wants to bag a lucrative Job in this field. With this Top Devops Interview Questions and Answers one can get the idea of the most commonly asked Questions In an Interview.

This set of Devops Interview Questions and Answers for freshers is recommended for both beginners and professionals. As there is rise in demand for Devops Engineer Jobs, this Interview Questions on devops will help you to answer confidently in such job interviews. Devops Interview Questions and Answers Pdf is provided below, feel free to download and learn. In 2022 the most growing sector is Tech field so be prepare for the upcoming opportunities by learning more.

Top Devops Interview Questions and Answers 2022

1) Explain DevOps?

Answer: DevOps is a combination of two words one is software Development, and second is Operations. It allows a single team to handle the entire application lifecycle, from development to testing, deployment, and operations.

2) How is DevOps helpful to developers?

Answer: DevOps is very helpful for developers to fix the bugs and quickly implement the new features. It also helps in more transparent communication between the team members.

3) What is Vagrant?

Answer:A Vagrant is a tool of DevOps that can create and manage virtualized environments for testing and developing software.

4) What is Scrum?

Answer: Scrum is used to divide a sophisticated software and product development task into smaller chunks using iterations and increasing practices. Scrum consist of three roles, such as:  Product owner, Scrum master, Team

5) Which scripting tools are used in DevOps?

Answer: Both Python and Ruby scripting tools are used in DevOps.

6) What is the use of PTR in DNS?

Answer: PTR is a pointer record that is used for a reverse DNS lookup.

7) What is the DevOps pipeline?

Answer: A pipeline in software engineering team is a set of automated processes which allows DevOps professionals and developers to reliably and efficiently compile, build, and deploy their code to their production compute platforms.

8) What is the Build in DevOps?

Answer: The build is a method in which the source code is put together to check whether it works as a single unit. In the build creation process, the source code will undergo compilation, testing, inspection, and deployment.

9) Explain Git Bisect?

Answer: Git Bisect helps to find the commit which introduced a bug using binary search.

10) What is CBD?

Answer: Component-Based Development (CBD) is a unique way to approach product development. 

Top Devops Interview Questions and Answers

Devops Interview Questions and Answers Pdf (Download)

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