Top 10 Web Developer Interview Questions Pdf 2022

Hello students, In this article we have provided a set of Top 10 Web Developer Interview Questions Pdf 2022 for Freshers as well as for the experienced one’s Who wants to bag a lucrative Job in this field. With this Interview Questions for Web Developer one can get the idea of the most commonly asked Questions In an Interview.

This set of Entry Level Web Developer Interview Questions is recommended for both beginners and professionals. As there is rise in demand for Web Developer Jobs, this Web Developer Interview Questions 2022 will help you to answer confidently in such job interviews. Web Developer Interview Questions Pdf is provided below, feel free to download and learn. In 2022 the most growing sector is Tech field so be prepare for the upcoming opportunities by learning more.

Top 10 Web Developer Interview Questions Pdf 2022

1) What are some of the key responsibilities of a Web Developer?

Answer: some of the key responsibilities of a Web Developer are
Program testing and debugging web applications
Design, develop, test, and deploy applications.
Updating sites for optimized server performance.
Coordination with designers and programmers to develop projects.
Fixing bugs, troubleshooting, and resolving issues
Predicting and implementing periodic tests in case of system failure.
Developing design patterns for web program optimization.
Support and assist with best practices for website management.
Take ownership of code throughout staging, development, testing, and deployment of the project in production.

2) What are the prerequisites of being a web developer?

Answer: A beginner web developer is expected to have a fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other aspects like jQuery, SQL, and some other scripting languages. 

3) What is CORA?

Answer: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is defined as the browser mechanism that involves controlled resource access granted outside the given domain.

4) What is the correct way to include JavaScript into your HTML?

Answer: The most effective way to include JavaScript in your HTML is by referring to event handlers or including inline code.

5) Define Scope in JavaScript and name different types of Scopes.

Answer: The scope is usually defined to felicitate the accessibility of variables and methods(functions) in applications. There are two types of Scopes in JavaScript: Local and Global.

6) What is Node Package Manager or NPM?

Answer: NPM is a package manager for JavaScript. NPM is designed to put modules intact so that nodes when the need can find them. It is designed to maintain and serve conflicts arising in dependencies. 

7) What is Webpack?

Answer: Webpack in JavaScript is generally a static module bundler designed to bundle JS files in the browser and check their usage. It dynamically puts various files, assets, images, and fonts in a graph of dependency. 

8) What is a Document Object Model (DOM)?

Answer: DOM is defined as the interface channeling cross-platform programming and is primarily used to represent HTML and XML documents in nodes and objects. In simple words, DOM defines the way of manipulating the logical structure of the documents and how they are accessed.

9) What is W3C?

Answer: W3C abbreviates for World Web Consortium. It is an international community of developers and teams that emphasize standardizing, correcting, and developing the web across global users and defining best practices. The World Wide Web (WWW) is a standard set by W3C and has different member organizations that control it through various IT-related projects. 

10) What is Ajax?

Answer: Asynchronous JavaScript XML or AJAX enables different applications to transport data to and from a server asynchronously without refreshing the web page. It simply ensures that some parts of the page are automatically updated without reloading the entire page to fetch new resources on the same page.

Interview Questions for Web Developer

Web Developer Interview Questions Pdf (Download)

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