Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Hello students, In this article we have provided a set of Top 10 Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 2022 for Freshers as well as for the experienced one’s Who wants to bag a lucrative Job in this field. With this Top Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers one can get the idea of the most commonly asked Questions In an Interview.

This set of Interview Questions for Hadoop is recommended for both beginners and professionals. As there is rise in demand for Hadoop Developers Jobs, this Top 10 Hadoop Interview Questions will help you to answer confidently in such job interviews. Hadoop Interview Questions Pdf is provided below, feel free to download and learn.

Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 2022

1) What is Hadoop?

Answer: Hadoop is a distributed computing platform. It is written in Java. It consists of features like Google File System and MapReduce.

2) What platform and Java version are required to run Hadoop?

Answer: Java 1.6.x or higher versions are good for Hadoop, preferably from Sun. Linux and Windows are the supported operating systems for Hadoop, but BSD, Mac OS/X, and Solaris are more famous for working.

3) What kind of Hardware is best for Hadoop?

Answer: Hadoop can run on a dual processor/ dual core machine with 4-8 GB RAM using ECC memory. It depends on the workflow needs.

4) Explain the use of .mecia class?

Answer: For the floating of media objects from one side to another, we use this class.

5) Give the use of the bootstrap panel.

Answer: We use panels in bootstrap from the boxing of DOM components.

6) Name the various types of lists supported by Bootstrap.

Answer: Ordered list
Unordered list
Definition list

7) Which command is used for the retrieval of the status of daemons running the Hadoop cluster?

Answer: The ‘jps’ command is used for the retrieval of the status of daemons running the Hadoop cluster.

8) What is InputSplit in Hadoop?

Answer: When a Hadoop job runs, it splits input files into chunks and assigns each split to a mapper for processing. It is called the InputSplit.

9) What is TextInputFormat?

Answer: In TextInputFormat, each line in the text file is a record. Value is the content of the line while Key is the byte offset of the line. For instance, Key: longWritable, Value: text

10) What is WebDAV in Hadoop?

Answer: WebDAV is a set of extensions to HTTP which is used to support editing and uploading files. On most operating systems WebDAV shares can be mounted as filesystems, so it is possible to access HDFS as a standard filesystem by exposing HDFS over WebDAV.

Top Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

Hadoop Interview Questions Pdf (Download)

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