Top 10 Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

Hello students, In this article we have provided the set of Top 10 Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answer For Electrcial Students. This Electrical Interview Questions and Answers Pdf for Freshers as well as for experienced will help Electrical Engineering candidates to get the idea of the most commonly asked questions in the interview.

You need to be well versed by the General Questions asked in the Electrical Engineering interview in order to bag the job that you are looking up to. Below Given Electrical Interview Questions Pdf will help you to confidently answer the question asked generally in Electrical Engineering Interview.

Below We have Given Top 10 Fresher Electrical Engineer Interview Questions Pdf Link. Feel Free to Download and Get Yourself Prepared for the Upcoming Electrcial Engg Interview Questions.

Top 10 Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

1) What would happen if the series current gets doubled?

Ans: If the series current gets doubled, then the confrontation will half.

2) What do you understand about a Zener diode?

Ans: A Zener diode is a specific type of semiconductor diode used to permit existing current to flow in the conflicting direction when uncovered to sufficient voltage.

3) What is referred to as the electron in the outer orbit?

Ans: Electrons in the outer orbit are known as valence.

4) Mention what are the types of semiconductors?

Ans: There are two types of semiconductors: intrinsic and extrinsic. Again in extrinsic semiconductors you will have N-type semiconductors and P-type semiconductors.

5) What happens if the series currently doubles?

Ans: If the series current gets doubled then, the resistance is halved.

6) Explain what laser diodes are?

Ans: Laser diodes are compact transistor-like packages with two or more electrical leads. Lasing occurs when stimulated emission results in the amplification of photons confined to the lasing mode.  These photons hit back and forth between the back and front mirror, and hence a diverging beam emits from the laser diode packages.

7) How Can You Start The 40w Tube Light With 230v Ac/dc Without Using Any Choke/coil?

Ans: It’s possible by means of Electronic chokes,otherwise it’s not possible to ionize the particles in tube light with normal voltage.

8) What is an Encoder?

Ans: An encoder is a device used to change a signal or data point into a functionable code. 

9) What does an ACSR Cable do and where can we use it?

Ans: An aluminum conductor steel reinforced is used in the process of transmission and distribution of current. 

10) Explain why the capacitors work only on AC ?

Ans: This is because Capacitors usually provide infinite resistance to direct current. 

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