PMP Exam Questions with Answers Pdf

PMI-PMP Exam Questions with Answers Pdf 2022

Hello Students Welcome in this article we have provided PMP Exam Questions with Answers Pdf 2022 for Students who are Preparing for Project Management Professional Exams 2022. In the Below Given PMP Sample Questions with Answers Pdf we Have Selected 30 Important Questions from PMP Exam 2021 and Made a Set of Mock Test Papers for Candidates.

What is the PMP certification?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional (PMP)®. PMP certification is a globally acknowledged project management certification. This PMP Question Bank with Answers pdf is taken to examine the candidate’s ability to manage the people, business priorities, processes of a professional project. There are more than a million PMP certification holders globally, This certification is applicable to project managers for various industries such as construction, IT, health etc.

Here’s some important information about the certification:

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PMP certification requirements

If you are planning to take the exam, you’ll need to verify your education and project management experience. These are as follows:

35 hours of training of project management, which means coursework that categorically addresses learning objectives in project management. This can be substituted with a CAPM which means Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)  certification. 

36 months of experience leading projects if you have a four-year degree 


60 months of experience projects if you have a high school diploma or associate’s degree. 

PMP Exam Questions with Answers Pdf

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PMP MCQ Questions

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Question 1: Good Interpersonal skills play a phenomenal role in successful stakeholder engagement. All of the following are examples of interpersonal skills EXCEPT:- 

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Question 2: You are the newly appointed project manager of the Qnx organization. Currently, you are managing a project which has just moved to the planning stage. A PMP certified expert clearly explained to you that you must consider an Enterprise Environmental factor to determine how the work gets assigned to the people for any modern-day Project. What should you consider to know how the work gets assigned to the people? 

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Question 3: You are managing a project with an EV of $15,000, PV of $12,000 and AC of $11,000. How would you BEST describe this project? 

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Question 4: Ryan is a Project Manager of a new RPA project. During the Risk review meeting, the team identifies a new type of technical risk and updates the necessary documents. Ryan decides to update the findings of the Risk level information in detail so that the risk identification process for future projects can include this new risk in their Risk Identification Checklist. What should get updated in the mentioned scenario? 

Choose the best answer. 

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Question 5: Throughout the project, the stakeholders have been raising various problems, gaps, inconsistencies, and conflicts. Which of the following should be used to capture such information? 

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Question 6: Ryan is a Project Manager of a company that prepares highly specialized scientific devices. He wants to prevent any costly mistakes in association with frequently performed tasks. What preventive action is best suited for the above-stated scenario? 

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Question 7: The project team is doing risk analysis and assessment on those identified risks which can positively or negatively affect an organization's strategic goals. Which characteristics of risk assessment are mentioned in the above scenario? 

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Question 8: In your project, SPI is 0.82, CPI 1.3. You analyzed the baseline and decided to return the schedule on track to meet the customer plan. You will: - 

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Question 9: In a smooth going project, if CPI is 1.4 and SPI is .97 then expected value of TCPI  value should be :- 


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Question 10: The Change Control Board has approved a Change request involving scope change. But the sole technical resource planned to work on the CR has suddenly gone for two weeks’ vacation. If the work start date gets delayed, then the upcoming Project Milestone will be impacted. In a Project team meeting, a team member said there is an alternate way of addressing the current situation, and the related plan is available. What should the Project Manager do? 

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Question 11: What will be affected if any angle of the iron triangle is not kept in balance? 

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Question 12: A salience model is a combination of which  of the following stakeholder characteristics? 

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Question 13: A Project Manager has experienced greater than anticipated delays in his current project. To keep the project on schedule, the project manager will need to access the contingency reserves allocated for this risk. What should the project manager do NEXT? 

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Question 14: The project you are leading is behind schedule. A team member suggests a change that may help to bring the project back on track. You agree with the team member and issue a request for corrective action. This request would be an outcome of which of the following processes? 

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Question 15: The project team is currently working with an externally hired expert. The expert determines a change in some standards, procedures, policies currently followed by the team. As per the above situation, which of the following processes is getting performed?

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Question 16: During execution a new Project Manager joins the ABC project of TRG company. As  he is new to the project,  he wants to review  the meeting plans, workflow authorization sequence , and glossary of common terminology being followed in the project. What should be reviewed to get this information ? 

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Question 17: A project is in execution. A key stakeholder raises a change request for adding a new functionality. The Project Manager decides to do impact analysis before passing the change request to the Change Control board. Which of the following documents would help him assess the impact of the change on the project scope? 

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Question 18: Arun is a Project manager of the MMX project. In the recent past, one of his stakeholders has turned neutral from supportive. After having a face-to-face meeting with the stakeholder, he understands that the stakeholder is not receiving the status update of the change requests raised by him on time. Which document should the Project Manager review first to resolve this issue? 

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Question 19: Arun is a non-technical Project Manager. His project's two highly skilled resources - Syed and Sandeep, conflict with the best technical solution to meet a project requirement. However, it is not impacting the project schedule. Who is initially responsible for the conflict resolution? 

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Question 20: The iterative process of increasing the level of detail in a project management plan as greater amounts of information and more accurate estimates become available is termed as :- 

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Question 21: A Change request for performing a corrective action has been approved by the Change Control Board. What is the NEXT step? 

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Question 22: Ryan is a Project Manager who has just implemented an approved Change Request that involved crashing with two new resources. This requires all of the following to be updated EXCEPT:- 

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Question 23: A new Project Manager joins the FDC Project. He wants to review the meeting and communication guidelines, which also states the Project Team's expected behavior in all the Stakeholder engagement meetings. What should the Project Manager review to fetch this necessary information? 

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Question 24: Ryan is a servant leader for an agile project which has too much product complexity. What should he suggest the team do to address this paint point? 

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Question 25: Ryan is managing a road construction project. Due to unseasonable weather conditions, the team productivity might be above or below target. This is an example of: - 

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Question 26: You need to procure a highly specialized chemical solution for a research project. There is only one vendor available that provides the materials you need. This scenario is an example of what kind of market condition? 

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Question 27: In a Sprint review meeting, the client formally accepted the work and congratulated the Project Team. The next day, the project manager sets up a meeting with the client to make arrangements for the final payment. What should the project manager do first when meeting the client as part of project closure? 

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Question 28: CCB has approved a change request to add a feature. The project manager holds an approved Change request review meeting with the project team to ensure the deliverables getting implemented are correct and valid. In which process the project team is currently in? 

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Question 29: While analyzing the risks in a project, a Project Manager updated the risk register with the risk urgency assessment ratings. In which process the Project Manager is currently in? 

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Question 30: The Client team has accepted the deliverables of a year-long project in the final Iteration review meeting. It is one month late, but the Client team and the sponsor are happy with the project outcome. The project manager is glad to be done with the deliverables but is concerned about the cost and schedule overruns. He decides to re-run the initial cost-benefit analysis using the actual project costs. Where should the Project Manager review to obtain the initial cost-benefit analysis. 


Your score is

The average score is 17%


PMP Questions and Answers free Start Test

Below We Have Provided PMP Sample Questions with Answers Pdf Link Feel Free to Download and Save it for Exam Preparations.

PMP Sample Questions with Answers Pdf

PMP Question Bank with Answers pdf (Download)

How Much Pmp Exam Cost

As of 2022, for non-PMI members the exam fee was $555 and for PMI members $405. 

A PMI membership was $129 a year, with a one-time $10 application fee, which makes the exams fee a little cheaper.

Training for the PMP exam

Studying for the PMP exam will need some planning and determination; PMP exams require a few months of hardwork and proper planning.  One can use the online resources available for the preparation of the PMP examination.

Renewing your PMP certification

The certification is valid for 3 years but can be renewed by earning 60 professional development units defined as hours spent on accepted professional development activities in that time frame.

Points to Remember: The PMP exam was recently updated at the beginning of January 2, 2021. The new exam now consists of 180 questions instead of 200, two 10 minute breaks instead of one, three “domains” phases of project management instead of five, among other changes.  Always learn from the updated materials. 

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