Networking Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Hello students, In this article we have provided a set of Networking Interview Questions and Answers 2022 for Freshers as well as for the experienced one’s Who wants to bag a lucrative Job in this field. With this Top 10 Networking Interview Questions and Answers one can get the idea of the most commonly asked Questions In an Interview.

This set of Top Networking Interview Questions and Answers is recommended for both beginners and professionals. As there is rise in demand for Networking Engineer, this Interview Questions on Networking will help you to answer confidently in such job interviews. Networking Interview Questions and Answers Pdf is provided below, feel free to download and learn.

 Networking Interview Questions and Answers 2022

1) What is the network?

Answer: A network is a set of devices that are connected with a physical media link. In a network, two or more nodes are connected by a physical link or two or more networks are connected by one or more nodes.

2) What do you mean by network topology?

Answer: Network topology specifies the layout of a computer network. It shows how devices and cables are connected to each other. The types of topologies are: Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh, Tree, Hybrid.

3) What are the advantages of Distributed Processing?

Answer: A list of advantages of distributed processing:
Support Encapsulation
Distributed database
Faster Problem solving
Security through redundancy
Collaborative Processing

4) Which are the different factors that affect the security of a network?

Answer: There are mainly two security affecting factors:
Unauthorized Access

5) What is bandwidth?

Answer: Every signal has a limit of upper range frequency and lower range frequency. The range of the limit of a network between its upper and lower frequency is called bandwidth.

6) What is a node and link?

Answer: A network is a connection setup of two or more computers directly connected by some physical mediums like optical fiber or coaxial cable. This physical medium of connection is known as a link, and the computers that it is connected to are known as nodes.

7) What is a gateway?

Answer: A node that is connected to two or more networks is commonly known as a gateway. It is also known as a router. It is used to forward messages from one network to another.

8) What is NIC?

Answer: NIC stands for Network Interface Card. It is a peripheral card attached to the PC to connect to a network. Every NIC has its own MAC address that identifies the PC on the network.

9) What is the meaning of 10Base-T?

Answer: It is used to specify data transfer rate. In 10Base-T, 10 specifies the data transfer rate, i.e., 10Mbps. The word Base specifies the baseband as opposed to broadband. T specifies the type of the cable which is a twisted pair.

10) What is POP3?

Answer: POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version3. POP is responsible for accessing the mail service on a client machine. POP3 works on two models such as Delete mode and Keep mode.

Top 10 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

 Networking Interview Questions and Answers Pdf (Download)

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