Top 10 Mechanical Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

Hello students, In this article we have provided the set of Top 10 Mechanical Interview Questions and Answers Pdf For Candidates Who are Looking For Job. This Mechanical engineering job Interview Questions and answers pdf for Freshers as well as for experienced will help Mechanical Engineering candidates to get the idea of the most commonly asked questions in the interview.

You need to be well versed by the General Questions asked in the Mechanical Engineering interview in order to bag the job that you are looking up to. Below Given Mechanical Interview Questions and answers for freshers and Experienced will help Candidates confidently answer the question asked generally in Mechanical Engineering Interview.

Below We have Given Top 10 Mechanical engineering job Questions Pdf Link. Feel Free to Download and Get Yourself Prepared for the Upcoming Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions.

Top 10 Mechanical Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

1) What is the second law of thermodynamics?

Ans: The second law of thermodynamic depicts that the total entropy of an isolated system can never reduce over time.

2) What is meant by the greenfield project?

Ans: These are the projects, which are built from scratch and do not create pollution.

3) What do you mean by cotter joint?

Ans: It is one of the types of a joint that are used to connect two rods, which are under compressive or tensile stress. This joint is made of steel or iron. Cotter joint is used for connecting a piston rod to the crosshead of the reciprocating steam engine.

4) What is caustic embrittlement?

Ans: Caustic embrittlement is a physical change in metal. In this phenomenon, the boiler becomes brittle because of accumulation of caustic soda.

5) Explain the Otto cycle in brief.

Ans: Otto cycle describes the functioning of a typical spark-ignition four-stroke engine. Otto cycle is a description of what happens to gas as it is subjected to changes of volume, temperature, addition, or removal of heat.

6) Explain enthalpy.

Ans: It is the heat content of a thermodynamic system.

7) What is universal coupling?

Ans: Universal coupling is used to connect two shafts whose axes are inclined to each other. It consists of a pair of hinges, connected by a cross shaft.

8) Why would you use pneumatics?

Ans: Pneumatic systems are significantly cheaper than other streams, i.e., hydraulic systems. It can move faster and do not leak oil if they develop a leak.

9) What is the importance of a thermostat in the cooling system of an engine?

Ans: Thermostat makes sure to keep the engine cool at the optimum level. It prevents decreasing the overall efficiency of the engine.

10) What is GD&T?

Ans: GD&T is a short abbreviation of Geometric Dimension & Tolerance. It is a system which defines engineering tolerances.

11) Explain the term torque

Ans: A force that causes rotation is called torque. It is a measure of how much force is required to rotate an object.

12) Differentiate between total moisture and inherent moisture of coal.

Ans: Total moisture in the coil is referred to as the moisture of the bulk as a sample while the air-dried sample is called inherent moisture.

13) What does AFBC stand for?

Ans: AFBC stands for Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion.

14) Why do you need a biological shield in nuclear plants?

Ans: The biological shield absorbs a neutron, gamma, and beta radiation and protects living things.

15) Why is heat treatment of steel metal crucial?

Ans: It is important to get the desired property, change electrical and magnetic properties, and relieve the stress after hot or cold working.

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Mechanical engineering job Interview Questions and answers pdf

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