Caiib Cental Banking Question Paper with Answers

Caiib Cental Banking Question Paper with Answers

Hello Welcome in this article we have Provided Caiib Cental Banking Question Paper with Answers 2022. If you are preparing for CAIIB Central Banking Exam 2022, Then you have landed at the Right Place Mock testbook brings you the Caiib Caiib Central Banking Online Test Series.

Practice For Your Upcoming CAIIB 2022 Exams With Caiib Central Banking Mock Test and boost your confidence. Learn and practice with us at Cet Mock Test and improve your score.

In the Below Given Caiib Central Banking Book We Have Selected 30 Important Questions from central banking Caiib Previous Year Question Paper. By referring Below Given Caiib Central Banking Caiib Study Material Aspiring CAIIB Students who are Preparing for IIBF 2022 Exams can Practice for their Upcoming Exams.

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Caiib Cental Banking Question Paper with Answers

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Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking

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1  As per Indian Contract Act 1872, consideration can be ......

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2  Essential features of a bailment are ......

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3  A hire-purchase contract is a ......

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4  Association, Agreement, Business, sharing of profits and sum up the features of a partnership:

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5  As per Banking Regulation Act, banks will be required to maintain minimum SLR of ...... % of NDTL

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6  As per Banking Regulation Act, what can be the maximum rate of SLR?

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7  Exposure norms are not applicable to which of the following?

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8  For the purpose of exposure norms, which of the following is true for inclusion under exposure?

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9  For the purpose of exposure norms, what is the meaning of 'Group'?

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10  Banks can not grant advance against their own shares as per provisions of ......

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11  When the confirming bank confirm the credit it

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12  From the following: which function is a securitisation company?

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13  When the LC specifies the Bank that is to negotiate the bills drawn under the LC, then the bank is also called......

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14  Who exercises the main administrative control over the functioning of cooperative banks ?

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15  The confirming bank is ......

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16  The minimum number of directors required in a public & Private companies are ......

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17  The LC issuing bank is also called......

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18  Central Govt can give directions to RBI in public interest after consulting ...

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19  In which of the following areas, RBI can't issue directions to bank ?

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20  Max penalty for damage to computers or computer systems can be......

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21  When the confirming bank confirm the credit it

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22  Which of the following is not relevant to documentation?

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23  The requirement of execution of documents depends on:

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24  The security documents can be by way of :

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25  Which of the following one stamps where documents are required to be stamped?

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26  The acceptance of recommendations of the banking ombudsman should be conveyed by the bank within?

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27  How many offices does the banking ombudsman have at present ?

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28  Before passing an award the banking ombudsman will be guided by;

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29  An award by banking ombudsman will contain;

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30  Circumstances where the Bank is not liable under Consumer Protection Act 1986 is/ are ......

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Caiib Central Banking Mock Test

Candidates should have completed JAIIB before appearing for IIBF CAIIB Exam.

CAIIB Exams Consists of 2 compulsory papers and One Elective paper :

Compulsory Papers

1. Advanced Bank Management
2. Bank Financial Management

Elective Papers

1. Rural Banking
2. Retail Banking
3. Human Resources Management
4. Information Technology
5. Risk Management
6. Central Banking

CAIIB Exam Fees 2022

First attempt fee – 3,000*
Second attempt fee – 1,300*
Third attempt fee – 1,300*
Fourth attempt fee – 1,300*

Caiib Central Banking Online Test Series

1. What is Minimum marks for passing JAIIB, CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exam?

Minimum passing marks for JAIIB, CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exams is 50 out of 100 marks in each subject or at least 45 marks in each subject with a total of 150 marks in all subjects put together in any single attempt.

2. Is there any Negative Marketing in IIBF Exams?

There are no negative marks for wrong answers.

3. Who Can Give JAIIB / CAIIB Exams?

JAIIB and CAIIB exams are not mandatory certifications. But they are useful to Bank employees in Career Growth, Promotion and Salary Increment.

4. Total Number of Questions asked in CAIIB Exams?

Total No of Questions – 100 MCQs including 40 case studies (Approx). and Exam Duration will be 2 Hours.

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