Bank Financial Management Questions and Answers

CAIIB Bank Financial Management Questions and Answers

Hello Welcome in this article we have Provided CAIIB Bank Financial Management Questions and Answers 2022. If you are preparing for CAIIB BFM Exam 2022, Then you have landed at the Right Place Cet Mocktest brings you the Caiib Bank Financial Management Mock Test Series.

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In the Below Given Caiib Bank Financial Management Caiib Pdf We Have Selected 30 Important Questions from CAIIB Bank Financial Management Previous Year Question Papers. By referring Below Given Caiib BFM Mcq Pdf Aspiring CAIIB Students who are Preparing for IIBF 2022 Exams can Practice for their Upcoming Exams.

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CAIIB Bank Financial Management Questions and Answers

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1  Transaction exposure can be hedged ......

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2  A firm operating in India cannot hedge its foreign currency exposure through ......

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3  Under Basel III, the risk weight for capital charge for credit risk on the basis of standardised approach, does not match for claims on foreign governments (based on rating of international rating agencies such as S & P, Fitch, Moody's Rating), in respect of which of the following?

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4  Estimated impact of internal control depends on ...... (i) Historical effectiveness of internal controls, (ii) Estimated impact of internal controls on Risks, (iii) The above is estimated as fraction in relation to total control which is valued at 100%

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5  The rate quoted for inward remittances by TT/DD, where the cover fund has already been credited to our Nostro a/c is ......

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6   An irrevocable LC which authorises the advising bank to extend pre shipment /packing credit upto a certain amount to the beneficiary to enable him to meet pre shipment expenses is known as a / an ......

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7   All demand bills in foreign currency drawn under and import LC will be crystalised into Rupee liability on ...... th day from the date of receipt of document.

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8   A Trading member Corporate Manager can set up ...... level and ...... level trading limits for any branch/ dealer of the trading member

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9  Integrated Risk Management is ......

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10  If an order does not find a match in the trading system, it is ......

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11  Import letter of credits should be opened :

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12  The systematic risk of a security ......

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13  Anatol Bank manages a portfolio of bonds. It actively trades, seeking to enhance the portfolio's profitability. Which of the following is Anatol Bank most obviously exposed to?

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14  Bank-X's outstanding loans all have fixed interest rates, with maturities in excess of two years. The bank's deposit liabilities all have maturities of no more than six months. Bank-X most obviously is facing ......

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15  Which of the following statements is/are correct? (i) Where Bank provides payment they are known as contingencies given, (ii) Off Balance Sheet exposure may not have Interest Risk, (iii) Where Bank is the Beneficiary, it is known as receivable contingencies

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16  The exchange loss / gain due to transaction exposure is reckoned on ......

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17  Internal hedge for transaction exposure does not include ......

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18   The features of liquidity risk are ...... (i) It may arise from funding of long term assets by short term liabilities, (ii) The liabilities are subject to Refinance Risk, (iii) Funding liquidity is inability to obtain funds to meet cash flow obligations

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19  Under Basel III, the risk weight for capital charge for credit risk on the basis of standardized approach,

does not match for claims on foreign public sector enterprises (based on rating of S & P, Fitch, Moody's

Rating), in respect of which of the following?

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20  Under Basel III, what is the risk weight for capital charge for credit risk on the basis of standardized approach, for claims on Bank for International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, Multi lateral Development Banks?

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21  Asset in doubtful category for 4 years – Rs. 500000/-

Realization value of security – Rs. 300000/-

What will be the provision requirement?

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22  12% government of India security is quoted at RS 120. If interest rates go down by 1%, the market price of the security will be?

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23   Which of the following risk is managed at Portfolio level?

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24  Which type of risk arises When banks have more earnings assets than paying liabilities ?

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25   Which of the following methods to measure market risk is based on downside potential?

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26  Physical movements of goods into India is regulated by ......formulated by the ......

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27  What kind of risk on settlements is covered by 'Herstatt Risk' for which BCBS was formed?

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28  In the event of default credit risk (potential changes in the credit quality of the borrower), a fraction of the obligations is paid. This is known as ...... rate.

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29   Financial Risk is defined as ......

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30   What is the most critical function of Risk Management?

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Caiib Bank Financial Management Caiib Pdf (Download)

Bank Financial Management Mock Test

Candidates should have completed JAIIB before appearing for IIBF CAIIB Exam.

CAIIB Exams Consists of 2 compulsory papers and One Elective paper :

Compulsory Papers

1. Advanced Bank Management
2. Bank Financial Management

Elective Papers

1. Rural Banking
2. Retail Banking
3. Human Resources Management
4. Information Technology
5. Risk Management
6. Central Banking

CAIIB Exam Fees 2022

First attempt fee – 3,000*
Second attempt fee – 1,300*
Third attempt fee – 1,300*
Fourth attempt fee – 1,300*

Bank Financial Management Caiib Pdf

1. What is Minimum marks for passing JAIIB, CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exam?

Minimum passing marks for JAIIB, CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exams is 50 out of 100 marks in each subject or at least 45 marks in each subject with a total of 150 marks in all subjects put together in any single attempt.

2. Is there any Negative Marketing in IIBF Exams?

There are no negative marks for wrong answers.

3. Who Can Give JAIIB / CAIIB Exams?

JAIIB and CAIIB exams are not mandatory certifications. But they are useful to Bank employees in Career Growth, Promotion and Salary Increment.

4. Total Number of Questions asked in CAIIB Exams?

Total No of Questions – 100 MCQs including 40 case studies (Approx). and Exam Duration will be 2 Hours.

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